You are currently viewing PRIZE GAME – IV Cycle 2018 “I LOVE MY MUNICIPALITY”


As the end of this calendar year approaches, so do we in ELKOLEKT DOO – Skopje, announce the fourth and the final cycle for this 2018, from our award-winning game “I Love My Municipality”. This time we covered the inhabitants of the Municipalities of Ilinden, Petrovec and Butel, who in the period from 01.10.2018 until 29.11.2018 should bring their electrical and electronic waste in our EKO Warehouses, which are located in the following places:

  • Municipality of Petrovec: PUC Petrovec at ul. 1 б.б. Petrovec,
  • Municipality of Ilinden: PKL Ilinden, ul. Goce Delcev bb, Ilinden and
  • Municipality of Butel:
    • outside the municipal building on st. Butelska no. 4 in Butel,
    • in front of the elementary school Aco Shopov in Radishani settlement, st. Radishan no. 68a and
    • in the yard of elementary school Petar Zdravkovski –Penko, Skopje North, on Bul. 2nd Macedonian Brigade bb

By the authorized persons, the inhabitants of these municipalities will receive an adequate number of coupons, which will then be subject to the drawing of the lucky 7 winners of valuable prizes.

The time and place for drawing the winners from these Municipalities will be organized in:

  • Municipality of Petrovec, at 10:00 am, in the premises of the elementary school “Koco Racin”, at the address st. 1, No. 185 – Petrovec,
  • Municipality of Ilinden, at 12:00 o’clock, at the House of Culture of the Municipality of Ilinden, at the address st. 9, nn – Ilinden and
  • Municipality of Butel, at 14:00, at the Municipal Building, st. Butelska No.4.

Participate and expect one of the valuable prizes we have prepared for you. We are expecting you.