ELKOLEKT DOO Skopje together with its members will work intensively on organizing the system for managing waste electrical and electronic equipment, informing the end users about the need for separate collection of waste, organizing collection centers, undertaking activities to indicate the need for recovery, reuse and/or recycling of waste electrical and electronic equipment. All this in order to achieve the national targets for collection, recovery and reuse of waste electrical and electronic equipment and reducing the possible negative impacts and consequences on the human health and the environment.


Our vision is ELKOLEKT DOO Skopje to be recognized as a leader in quality, health and safety and environmental management in the field of waste electrical and electronic equipment management, providing innovative solutions to meet the needs of our members in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and responsible maintenance of an integrated QHSE management system.


We perform our tasks with respect and care for the environment, without compromising the health and safety of people, employees or members. We are constantly working to improve our business processes in accordance with legal requirements and relevant international standards. We offer high quality services to our members. We provide an environment for open and transparent communication on quality, health, safety and environmental issues. We recognize that the skills and involvement of our employees are essential to understanding and meeting the needs of our company and members.

To follow these principles, we are committed to:

  • Integrating QHSE into the company’s business strategies and processes;
  • Effective QHSE management by developing, implementing and maintaining best practices and an integrated management system;
  • Assessment and management of the company’s QHSE risks;
  • Measuring the QHSE performance and developing annual and long-term QHSE targets to achieve continuous and sustainable improvement;
  • Achieving compliance with internal and external requirements through audits and striving for compliance with international standards such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001;
  • Defining the elements of QHSE and their impact on practices, processes and services to align our work with public and customer expectations;
  • Raising awareness of QHSE and strengthening the confidence of interested parties in our operations through information, consultation, training and advice;
  • Holding each employee accountable for their commitment to our principles.