You are currently viewing I LOVE MY MUNICIPALITY” PRIZE GAME – Cycle III 2019


The third round of the prize winning game “I LOVE MY MUNICIPALITY” takes place from 16.09.2019 to 18.11.2019 in the municipality of Gostivar. All adult citizens of this municipality have the right to participate in the prize draw if they bring their e-waste to the following designated places:

  • – Parking at KAM Market “Gostivar 2” st. Brakja Ginoski bb and
  • – Komunalec Gostivar – Warehouses Industrial Zone ul. Ilindenska BB. For each e-waste brought in, there is a prize coupon, which will be subject to a draw at the end of this prize game.
  • Large Household Appliances,
  • Equipment for Information Technology and Telecommunication,
  • Equipment for Consumer Consumption and Entertainment Electronics
  • Electrical and Electronic Tools (excluding stationary industrial tools of large scale).

One coupon is obtained for waste from categories:

  • Small Household Appliances,
  • Lighting Equipment,
  • Electrical and Electronic Toys, Entertainment Equipment and Sports and
  • Monitoring and Control Instruments.

The time and place to draw the lucky winners in this prize game is:

  • 10:00 am in the premises of the Municipality of Gostivar, Council Hall of the Municipality of Gostivar on ul. Brakja Ginoski no. 61.

Participate and expect one of the valuable prizes we have prepared for you!