Waste management company ELKOLEKT DOO Skopje is a non-profit organization that, according to Decision No. UP1-11/2-1691/2019 dated 12.04.2022 issued by the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planning is a licensed collective scheme for waste electrical and electronic equipment.

The primary activity of ELKOLEKT DOO Skopje is waste management, which is carried out through the implementation of the extended responsibility of the producer-members of the Company. Our main goal is to establish a functional system for management of waste electrical and electronic equipment in cooperation with manufacturers, traders, municipalities and recyclers in order to ensure the maximum amount of collection, processing and recycling of e-waste and to meet the national targets for collection, reuse and recycling of e-waste in a way that will not create an additional burden on the environment and the life and health of the population of the Republic of North Macedonia.

Our establishes:

Supervisory Board:

Zoranco Sotirov



Biljana Stefkovski



Almir Kuchlar



ELKOLEKT is open for cooperation and undertaking the obligations of all manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment registered in accordance with the Law on the Management of Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (“Official Gazette of RSM” No. 176/21).