Elkolekt starts with the third cycle of the prize-winning game “Let’s recycle and get reward” after the success of the two past cycles of the prize-winning game

“Elkolekt announces the launch of another new, motivating eco-action for cleaning homes from electronic and electrical waste. Elkolekt DOO, as the company with the largest contribution to environmental protection for 2017, continuously rewards conscientious citizens responsible for releasing electricity and electronic waste, in addition to preserving the environment and human health.

After the successful two cycles of the prize-winning game “Let’s recycle and get reward” in the municipalities of Gjorce Petrov, Karpos, Berovo, Gevgelija, Bogdanci, Gazi Baba, Kumanovo, Kriva Palanka and Rankovce, which resulted in creation and fostering excellent habit and interest among the citizens, fruitful cooperation with the municipal teams and support from the mayors, Elkolekt, in the third cycle of the prize game for collection of electrical and electronic waste included the municipalities of Ohrid, Bitola, Prilep and Debarca. Under the already recognizable name “”Let’s recycle and get reward””, the third cycle of the prize game organized by Elkolekt in cooperation with the four municipalities on the territory of the Republic of Macedonia will take place in the period from September 04, 2017 to October 31, 2017, in order to raise the public awareness among citizens about the need for proper handling of this type of waste. For the third cycle of the prize-winning game “”Let’s Recycle and Get Reward”” Elkolekt has provided a total prize pool of 20 valuable prizes, including four LED TVs, four Sony DSC W800B cameras, four Gigabyte smartphones G Class – LTE, Dual Sim, HD IPS (1Z80 * 720 pix), four pioneer DVDs 2242 and four toddlers Hyundai SM626 (five awards for each of the four whites).

According to the rules of the winning game, potential winner of one of these prizes is every adult citizen who, during the prize-winning game, in his municipality, will deliver electric or electronic waste, at the location where the recognizable red eco warehouse of Elkolekt is installed. Delivery can be realized every working day. Citizens who will bring their electrical and electronic waste to the eco warehouse in their municipality receive a coupon for participation in the prize game “Let’s recycle and get reward”. The coupon in which the ordinal number is inscribed and contains a stamp from the organizer is composed of two identical parts. One part of the coupon retains the participant as proof of participation in the prize game, and the other part of the coupon is placed in a sealed box from which the drawing will take place on the last day of the prize winning game provided for each municipality.

For each individual left appliance, the participant in the prize winning game receives one coupon. By providing a larger number of appliances, an appropriate number of coupons is obtained, whereby the chance of reward increases. Certain types of equipment carry two coupons: large home appliances; equipment for information technology and telecommunications; consumer electronics and consumer electronics, electric and electronic tools. Locations of Elkolect eco warehouses in the municipalities where the third cycle of the prize-winning game “Let’s Recycle and Get Reward” will be: Municipality of Ohrid: “Mechanization” st. Asnom BB and Directorate of PE “Ohridski Komunalec” -Ohrid Municipality of Bitola: JP “Komunalec” ul. 16 BB – Bitola Municipality of Debarca: In front of the municipal building Belchishta Municipality of Prilep: Public Utility Commission “Komunalec” ul. Trajko Nikoloski BB – Prilep.

“All citizens who have endless, unusable electrical appliances, computers, monitors, processors and other household appliances that will bring them to certain locations during the duration of this action in their municipality have the opportunity to get rid of hazardous waste and become potential winners of prizes. The results of the drawings will be published on the website of Elkolekt

The company Elkolekt in cooperation with the municipalities is implementing this activity by rewarding the conscientious citizens in order to raise the public awareness about the way in which this type of waste should be handled, taking into consideration that electrical and electronic waste can contain hazardous materials harmful to health and the immediate living environment, as well as for the reason that it is forbidden and punishable to throw this type of waste into containers, along with communal waste.

During this year, Elkolekt plans to implement new activities and awarding games in other municipalities with which it cooperates in the field of rising public awareness among the citizens about the need for selection and separate collection of WEEE and WBA. Through the prize-winning games and socially responsible activities organized locally, the company Elkolekt wishes to thank the citizens who leave their hazardous waste in the prescribed places, and at the same time to encourage the others to act in the same way, recalling the necessity for the preservation of the environment and human health.