You are currently viewing AWARD WINNING GAME – 3rd CYCLE 2018  “I LOVE MY MUNICIPALITY“


From 03rd of September until October 30, 2018, the third cycle of our award-winning game titled “I LOVE MY MUNICIPALITY” will be organized. This time we will cover the following three Municipalities: Makedonski Brod, Struga and Debar.

Everything you need to do is, in this period, to take your electrical and electronic waste into our Eco Warehouses, which are located in the following places:

  • Municipality of Makedonski Brod: JP Communal Hygiene at ul. Partizanska bb – Makedonski Brod,
  • Municipality of Struga: Red Cross at ul. Risto Krle bb and “Josip Broz Tito” elementary school at ul. Dimche Kovachevski No. 64 and
  • Debar Municipality: JKP Standard at ul. Skopska bb – Debar.

By the authorized persons, you will receive the appropriate number of coupons, which will then be subject to the draw of the lucky 7 winners of valuable prizes.

Time and place for the beneficiaries:

  • Municipality of Makedonski Brod, at 10:00 am, in the premises of the Municipal building at St. 7th September No. 4 – Makedonski Brod,
  • Municipality of Struga, at 12:30 pm, in the meeting room of the Council of the Municipality of Struga, at the address St. Vlado Maleski bb – Struga and
  • Debar Municipality, at 15:00, in the Municipal Building at st. 8th of September no. 72 – Debar.

Participate and expect one of the valuable prices we have prepared for you. We are expecting you.