"Producer" is a legal or natural person who, regardless of the manner of sale used, including the sale by way of remote communication in accordance with the regulations governing consumer protection:

  • produces and sells equipment under its own trademark,
  • resell under its own trademark, equipment manufactured by another manufacturer, in that the reseller is not considered a producer if the mark of the original manufacturer is listed on the equipment, as provided for in indent 1 of this item, or
  • for the purpose of performing its activity, imports equipment for the purpose of placing on the market in the Republic of Macedonia or exporting equipment outside it.

A producer shall not be considered a person who provides only financial support under or in accordance with any financial agreement and which does not act as a producer. If the equipment is not manufactured in the Republic of Macedonia and it is placed on the market then its representative in the Republic of Macedonia shall be considered a producer.

As a producer, a legal entity or natural person will be considered, who, as an end user, has imported equipment without intermediary for his own purposes.

Legal Obligations of the Producer

  • Producers who for the first time release on the market or import as end users in the Republic of Macedonia are obliged to register for that in the Body of the state administration responsible for carrying out the expert work in the field of environment.
  • Registration is done by submitting a request for registration, by the manufacturer, to the professional body.
  • The manufacturer is obliged, at the request of the end user, to take over the waste equipment which is not waste equipment from the households and to provide for further processing, if the equipment has been delivered to the end user.
  • The manufacturer of the equipment shall, at its own cost, independently or through the collective operator, ensure the taking, separate collection, temporary storage, transport, treatment, processing, reuse and / or recycling and disposal of residues from the processing of waste equipment.
  • The manufacturer, who at the same time is the end user, is obliged at his own expense to fulfill the obligations for the equipment that he manufactured or imported in the Republic of Macedonia (the obligations do not apply to equipment being exported, and do not apply to small producers).
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