First educational event within the project "E-waste creates opportunities", supported by Elkolekt

On 26.11.2015, the first educational event on the occasion of the start of the project activities within the project ""E-waste creates opportunities, supported by ELKOLEKT DOO, in the municipal elementary school Gotse Delchev-Skopje, Municipality Centar.

The event was attended by primary school students: Goce Delchev, Dimitar Miladinov, Johan Heinrich - Pestalozzi, Kiril and Metodij and Koco Racin.

At the beginning of the event, the Director of the school Goce Delchev, Ms. Nade Molerovik held an introductory speech, followed by an educational presentation for the selection and recycling of electrical waste by representatives from the Center for Climate Change.

Similar activities will be organized in all schools that are part of the project, and during the realization of the project several educational workshops with students of different age will be held in order to get acquainted with the negative consequences of inadequate handling of electrical waste.

The aim is to raise the awareness of the youngest generations about the necessary need for proper handling of this type of waste, and for the three schools that will collect the largest quantities of e-waste will be followed by valuable rewards that will be provided through the project ELKOLEKT Doo Skopje will be responsible for the further handling of collected e-waste, a licensed collective handler, who is also a supporter of the project



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