"Merchant" is a legal or natural entity that provides supply of end-user equipment as a commercial activity. The manufacturer will also be considered a trader if the produced or imported equipment provides directly to the end user.

Legal Obligations of the Merchant

  • The trader is obliged, when selling household equipment, to take away waste equipment from the end user for free if he wants to hand it over.
  • The trader undertakes the acquisition of waste equipment from households in the case of equipment which, according to its function and classification, falls within the categories of equipment that falls under this law and equals the sold equipment, and the number of pieces of waste equipment is equal to the number of pieces of sold equipment (one-to-one system).
  • The manufacturer is obliged, at the request of the end user, to take over the waste equipment which is not waste equipment from the households and to provide for further processing, if the equipment has been delivered to the end user.
  • The trader may refuse the take-over of household waste equipment if they do not hand it over for free, the equipment is not an entire device or it is a waste-damaged equipment that is very damaged.
  • If the trader does not take the waste equipment directly from the end user at the time of delivery of the equipment, he / she is obliged to provide the end users with the opportunity to provide the equipment for the free delivery of the waste equipment at the point of sale of the equipment or elsewhere for the takeover.
  • The trader may, in agreement with the manufacturer, ensure the take-over of the waste equipment in places of take-over, the work of which is provided by the manufacturer who supplies the equipment. As a place for taking over the waste equipment are the bins or more containers for waste equipment that are placed in a covered area that is so arranged and of such size that the waste equipment is not clogged and the arrangement of the space enables the uninterrupted take-back of the waste equipment.
  • The manufacturer takes over the waste equipment from the merchant free of charge, and the trader from the manufacturer must not claim compensation for taking the waste equipment.
  • For the collection points as well as for the collected waste equipment within its business premises, the trader should not have a proper permit in accordance with the regulations on waste management.
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